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Stained Glass Pendant Moon Stone (opalit) , double crescent moon $31.00
OfelWay posted 326 days ago to their My Work postboard.
!!! Soldered Using Lead Free Solder !!! Pendant of opalite, rock crystal and tin cast in crescents by hand. So, her symbolism: The three-faced symbol of the Moon reveals to us three periods in the life of a woman: a girl, a mother, and an old woman, which reflect the three phases of the moon, respectively: growing, full, and waning. ŸŒ’ŸŒ’ŸŒ"ŸŒ"ŸŒ•ŸŒ–ŸŒ—ŸŒ˜ŸŒ’ Both in the moon and in the woman the same power / mystery is hidden. Each woman can identify herself with the Goddess on the example of the transformation analogy of her body and the face of the Moon. Goddess Girl.Ÿ’ The period of the growing moon personifies a young virgin girl who is growing rapidly and growing up every day. It corresponds to the Goddess of the hunt, for example, the ancient Roman Diana / Ancient Greek Artemis. Mother Goddess The full moon flooding the night sky with its light is symbolic of the Mother Goddess and her womb, a swollen new life. This is the period of the life of a mature woman capable of childbirth. It corresponds to the fertility Goddess, for example, ancient Roman Ceres, Juno / ancient Greek Demeter. Goddess old woman The period of the waning moon in a woman’s life is characterized by old age, when her menstrual cycle ends. She becomes a wise old woman. As the moon declines in the sky, her body shrinks, the energy goes away and, eventually, it disappears. After death, she returns to the earth again and is born in a new flesh, passes all stages again. It corresponds to the Goddess of night and witchcraft, for example, the ancient Roman Trivia / Ancient Greek Hecate. All my products can be silvered. if you want this option - add a silvering listing Expect to receive your Pendant beautifully presented and very well packed. more p
OfelWay 326 days ago

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