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Exclusive! Gundam Heavyarms Custom, Gundam Wing, Gundam Mobile Suit, Heavy arms, papercraft, robot, DIY, Pdf, Ornament, papermodel, anime, $15.56
Helgel posted 162 days ago to their For my friends postboard.
Hi StudioDesingBR offers a variety of 3D papercraft projects, ranging from the easiest to the most advanced. We hope you enjoy the assembly and even more after the finished part. Her finish is spectacular, I know you’ll like it Below we clarify the entire process to acquire the project, but any questions we are available PROJECT: Simply the most complete project: This gundam paper model is a custom version XXXG-01H2 Gundam Heavyarms (aka Heavyarms or Gundam Zero-Three) a mobile suit from the Endless Waltz OVA series of the anime / manga / OVA series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. XXXG-01H2 Gundam Heavyarms was the third of Operation Meteor’s five Gundams. Created by Doktor S while hiding in the L3 colony cluster, it was designed with maximum firepower in mind. Literally a walking arsenal, Gundam Heavyarms was piloted by a young man operating under the pseudonym Trowa Barton. PROCEDURE: Soon after your purchase, Etsy will automatically send you a link to download the rar file. Rest assured that shipping is done in seconds / minutes. After downloading and unzipping it you will find: A 28-page PDF template (A4-size sheets) Page Totals: White - 4 pages Gray - 8 pages Black - 8 pages Dark Blue - 2 pages Blue - 1 pages Red - 1 pages Yellow - 1 pages Silver - 3 pages An easy-to-follow 10-page, step-by-step tutorial DOUBTS? Feel free to contact us when you need them here: Etsy Convo (click the "Ask a Question" button on top of this page) Email: WHAT SUCH ANY MODEL? Browse my store and book upcoming purchases IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM AND / OR QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT ME. NOT LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK PLEASE UNTIL YOU CONTACT ME WITH YOUR PROBLEM. We prohibit: Copy and sale of scanned files in any format (electronic / physical)
Helgel 162 days ago

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